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Clifford Schrage

Cliff Schrage’s novels include A Fruitful Field and Silas Dillon of Cary County. His collection of poems: Broken Prose, Spoken Poems include some found in various North American periodicals. He’s worked as a chaplain of a private high school for six years, taught high school English for thirty-four years, chaired an English department for three years, and coached high school soccer for ten years. He holds a Master’s degree, and is the father of eight children—two biological and six adopted (foreign and domestic)—and four grandchildren. He has also encountered the trauma of losing a child following all the jarring experiences of an enduring terminal illness.

Cliff, with his wife Sherry of forty-one years, has grown acquainted with parenting, adoption, foster care, and with family court in New York.

He makes his home in Eastern Connecticut. In the summer he resides on Panmure Island, off Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Listen to Cliff read an excerpt from his book Silas Dillon of Cary County: