Cliff Schrage Cliff Schrage

Silas Dillon of Cary County

Silas Dillon of Cary County

Childhood homelessness leads to estrangement... Love and nurturing engender well-being.

An inflexible, bureaucratic foster care system which outwardly represents the best interests of children, in actuality impedes Silas Dillon’s need to be adopted into a caring home. Fictional, eighty square mile, suburban Cary Island—set in New York Bay, with a population of three hundred thousand—has a foster care system typical of most in the U.S. As the system’s paradoxical catering to Silas’s mother’s challenges are tried, making her somewhat of a “client” rather than Silas, years of his precious childhood pass. Lonely, damaged, fragile, bi-racial Silas Dillon is bounced through two attempts of reuniting with his neglectfully abusive mother, and several foster homes—one which is severely abusive, and two which are ingenuously nurturing. From birth to adolescence, the painful episodes of Silas Dillon’s life lead to an anticipated rescue and healing.

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